Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use your service?
Lattice Communications has been contracted by TELUS to provide prepaid phone payment services for provincial correctional centres in B.C. If you are unable to accept collect calls from a correctional centre, and wish to receive calls from an inmate, you must set up a prepaid account. Prepaid phone services will allow you to receive calls from an inmate, even if your phone number is not eligible to receive collect calls.

What is a prepaid account?
Prepaid phone services are calls purchased for in advance. They are not subject to collect calling limitations, so even if you have a cell phone, VOIP phone, business phone or high balance on your phone bill, you will now be able to receive calls as long as you have a prepaid account set up.

How do I setup a prepaid account?
Lattice Communications provides a number of options for setting up a prepaid account. You can go to the ”Payment Options” tab of the website to see different options for setting up or funding a prepaid phone account.

Once I deposit funds onto a prepaid account, how long before I can receive calls?
Calls can be accepted within 15 minutes of your payment being approved.

I just had a declined transaction, but my bank account is still showing the transaction on my account balance.
Declined transactions will show up as “pending” on your bank account statement. Depending on your bank’s policies, the funds will be reverted back into your account with their specific time frame.

How do I get a refund on my remaining balance of my prepaid account?
Can I add multiple numbers to an account?
You can have multiple phone numbers on your account; however each phone number will have its own funds being used for that phone number.

Can I leave a voicemail for an inmate?
Funds deposited into your prepaid account can also be used to leave voicemail messages for an inmate. Using this solution, you can keep an inmate informed about important information without having to wait for him or her to call. You can leave a specific time for the inmate to call and avoid unnecessary call attempts.

How do I Leave voicemail for an inmate?
To leave a voicemail, the inmate must provide you with their mail-box ID number. As well, you must have a valid prepaid account with sufficient funds to leave a voice-mail and Caller ID on the prepaid phone number. Dial 1-855-200-1250 and follow the prompts to leave a message.

Are there any other payment options for funding prepaid accounts other than credit card?
In addition to major credit cards, Lattice also accepts money orders as a form of payment. Be sure to direct it to “Lattice Communications.” In the memo line, be sure to include the 10-digit phone number you wish to use for the prepaid account and the name of the correctional centre. There are no extra fees, simply pay the amount you wish to add to this account to be used for prepaid collect calls.
Money orders can be mailed to:
Lattice Communications
P.O. Box 47278
62 Edmonton Centre
Edmonton, Alberta

How do I unblock my number?
Lattice Communications is not authorized to unblock phone numbers. You must contact the correctional centre to have your number unblocked.

What are the rates for Prepaid Calls?
Prepaid Call Rates
Local $0.90/call
Long Distance $0.80 first minute / .30 each additional minute
Voicemail $1.00 per message

All calls include GST and PST.

If you are having issues accessing your account or need assistance setting up a new account, please contact our Customer Care Centre. Our knowledgeable and courteous Service Representatives will work with you to fund your account so you can start receiving calls immediately.

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